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I studied photography years ago while a student as a journalism major at Georgia Southern University. Later as a print journalist I worked with photographers at the Statesboro (Georgia) Herald, and at the Beaumont (Texas) Enterprise. All that got put on hold when I joined the Marine Corps in 1984.

I didn’t pick up a camera again until 1998, nearly 15 years later. By then working at the U.S. Mission to NATO in Brussels, I wanted to chronicle things I saw and places I went in Belgium and throughout Europe.

When I look at photos, one of the things that makes me appreciate the graphic is to soak in the text that accompanies it, and gives insight into the photographer’s interest in taking the picture.

That’s why I built this site, to share photos and their accompanying captions -- my chronicles as recorded on 501pix.com...


Name: Tom Worth

Nationality: USA

Occupation: Foreign Service Officer

Current Residence: Spain

Born/Raised: Detroit

Lived in: Michigan, Georgia, Florida, Hawaii, Maryland, Belgium, Germany, Spain.

Took up photography: To chronicle places I go, things I see.

Formal Education: BS Journalism, 1983 (Georgia Southern University), MA Political Science 1988 (University of Hawaii)

Military Service: Marine Corps, 4 years (1994-1988)

Hobbies: Photography, Hiking, Cycling, Travel, Communication

Contact: tom@501pix.com

Tom Worth, curator, photographer, chronicler, 501pix.com